Blemish Control Facial Therapy

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Whether it is scarring left behind from acne, or blemishes on your face this facial follows a simple 5-step process to begin the clearing journey.

The Treatment

Prep- using our trusted formulated soap solutions, we cleanse your face to remove dirt and oil build-up to make way for the next step.

Exfoliate - with careful exfoliation to get rid of the dead skin cells on your skin.

Cleanse - we go on to cleanse your face again with our cleansing moisturizer to enhance the appearance of the skin.

Mask up - a gentle herbal face mask is then applied to the affected areas.

Hydrate + Moisturise - the final step where we gently massage AHA-infused solution to the skin and finalize with a moisturizer.


Is Blemish Control right for you?

Yes if you would like to treat scarring, blemish, and hyperpigmentation. Please note, that this facial is bespoke to your skin type.

Benefits include even tone and vibrant skin, improves skin texture, and boosts skin appearance and feel.