• Summer Essentials: Lip Care

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Shea Nut

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  • The Kids range is here, specially and carefully formulated for sensitive skin.

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The Kids range is here, specially and carefully formulated for sensitive skin.


Take care of baby's skin

Make bath time enjoyable for your kids.

Activated Charcoal Bar Soap

Cleanses skin, unclogs and minimizes pores. Repairs damaged skin, removes dead skin as well as absorb excess oils.


Face & Body Scrubs, New Improved Formula

We have improved our formulation from dry to an emulsion, this means the texture of the scrub is improved for a much deeper and more consistent exfoliation. Easier to use and spread across the skin, fast rinse off after usage leaving the skin with less oily residue or slippery baths and showers.


Giving gifts to your guests is the easiet way to say thank you. We are excited to say we are here to help make your day an experience to remember. Find us on Hitched.co.uk simply send us an email sales@talenibeauty.com

Autumn Essentials

Face & Body Wash New Size 1 litre

Our body wash is packed with natural ingredients such as African black soap, coconut oil and wild honey. Cleanses, deeply exfoliates and helps with eczema, psoriasis and acne.

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"Totally in Love"

"My skin dries up easily, even though I have an oily face. But since I used your product I do not experience dryness, my skin stays moist all day...I do not sweat..and the black soap is really good, my personal favourite. I just love how my face feels after using it"


"Clearer skin"

"Taleni, I'm addicted to this scrub, I am seeing progress! My skin is getting clearer and smoother after just a week and some days. The texture of my skin ow my!! Especially when I use it with the Shea Body Wax. It moisturizes my skin"

Miss Karyn Hyde-Cooper


"Wow finally I think I have found the products which would work for my hair! After using the Shampoo my hair was so moisturised and then came the deep conditioner, my hair was so soft. My hair has never felt like that, no breakage. Thank you!

Miss Sandra

"More please"

I love the products its all I use now hence why I asked for more, I have bad dry skin and its hard to find something that works and keeps my skin moist so ya I love it!

Mrs Davia

"Amazing smell"

"I bought two of the Aromatherapy candles on Saturday andand they smell amazing!


Who are we?

About Taleni Beauty

Taleni means 'to look', a name from the Oshiwambo tribe of Namibia usually given to a person of a high rank. We define it as 'Look at God'.

Who are we? We are an organic beauty line made with natural plant-based ingredients sourced from the heart of West Africa; Ghana.

Our products are handmade/poured, formulated by specialists with products for hair and skin; a brand for the household.

We are proudly Ghanaian.